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Our custom design team works hand in hand with your architects, general contractors, and developers to create the type of railings that will add safety and beauty to your project. Below are some of the different aluminum railings, gates, fences, and other fabricated pieces we offer.

Picket Railings

Picket railings are set at a 42'' minimum above the floor, with horizontal top cap/top rail and horizontal bottom rail/bottom channels 2-4" above the floor. Vertical posts are approximately 4-5' on center for load support and vertical pickets to form rail infill.

Glass Railings

Architectural building features are enhanced with delicate attention to the handrail. Glass becomes the infill, with a horizontal top and bottom rail, to secure the glass together with vertical posts. Structural glass railings utilize a horizontal bottom channel for glass anchoring.

Water Jet Cut Out Railings
Water Jet Cutouts.png

Pickets are water jet cutouts from aluminum flat bar stock. The cutouts are welded securely to top rail and bottom channel. The design preferences are unlimited.

Pattern Railings

Patterns are fabricated, fitted and welded to precise dimensions. The patterns are the infill between pickets. Patterns can be placed continuously or interrupted by pickets.

Mesh Railings

"The Industrial Look"
Aluminum wire grating is set as the infill with a horizontal top cap and bottom rail. This rail is often used as an anti climbing rail system.

Spun Picket Railings

Spun pickets are used as the infill to present a three-dimensional contoured appearance.


Ornamental grilles used in parking garages and building common areas. The grilles provide security and enhance the beauty of the railings.

Common Top Cap Profiles
Top Cap PRofiles transparent.png

White Aluminum Fabrication, Inc. has the ability to create custom top cap dies to enhance your project.

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